Diamond Grading Reports

If you are shopping for a diamond you undoubtedly know that many diamonds are accompanied by a grading report from one of dozens of gem laboratories.  You may think that if a diamond has a grading report from an independent laboratory that you can be confident that the report is accurate and you are getting what you are paying for.  Unfortunately this may not be the case.

There are many laboratories that provide grading reports and their names can some like an alphabet soup...EGL, IGI, AGS, GIA, IGL, GCAL, just to name a few.  Even though these reports are presented as non-biased documents, all too often the lab is actually working for the seller.  By not adhering to strict grading standards the color, clarity and cutting of the diamond, they are providing a document that misinforms the buyer.  Those who are shopping on-line are particularly vulnerable.  The on-line buyer is forced to put a huge emphasis on the laboratory report because they cannot see the actual diamond.  But buying a diamond based on information on a diamond grading report is a lot like choosing your spouse based on his/her driver's license description!  A diamond's color, clarity and measurements simply don't tell you what it looks like.  In fact, two diamonds with identical measurements and grades can look vastly different and have vastly different values.

If choosing a beautiful diamond is important you simply must see the diamond, not a written description of it.  That is why we strongly recommend buying your diamond from a reputable jeweler who can show you the actual diamond and also provide a lab report if you so desire.  (Note: If a lab report is important to you, AGS and GIA are the most reputable labs.)