Diamond Shapes

What Shape Diamond Should You Choose?

Everyone has a different opinion regarding beauty.  As far as price and value are concerned, however, there are some things of which you should be aware of.  The diamond market is driven primarily by supply and demand.  Whatever is the most requested and in the shortest supply will command the highest price.  Approximately 80% of all diamond engagement rings purchased today will be set with a round brilliant diamond.

The round shape lends itself best to maximum light reflection and is the most brilliant and classic of all the diamond shapes.  And because it is so popular, the round brilliant does carry a slightly higher price than many of the less requested shapes.  But many people want a more unique look and prefer an oval, marquise, or pear shape.  In the past few years, the princess cut has been extremely popular.  The market is full of new and interesting shapes.  We recommend that you keep an open mind and look at a wide variety of shapes before you choose.