Naturally Mined Diamonds

A natural mined diamond is actually a tiny piece of geological history of the planet Earth.  Using the latest modern methods of carbon dating, scientists have determined that most diamonds are 1.5 to 3 billion years old.  That means that they are nearly as old as the planet Earth!  Diamonds formed billions of year before dinosaurs walked the Earth.  As you can see, diamonds are about as close to "forever" as anything you will ever encounter.

Geologists agree that most diamonds were formed 100 to 300 miles below the surface of the earth under conditions of incredible heat and pressure.  From their original birthplace, they were transplanted to earth's surface through volcanic activity which took place millions of year ago.  Today, the largest producers of diamonds are Australia, Canada, Russia and several African countries including Botswana, Zaire, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Angola, Namibia and Ghana.

At E.M. Smith Jewelers, we make sure that our clients receive conflict-free diamonds by only purchasing diamonds through professional members of the diamond industry that support contracts guaranteeing that all of our diamonds are responsibly sourced.