Our Services

We perform written appraisals appropriate for an insurance appraisal, estate appraisals and current market value appraisals. Each appraisal comes with

a. Detailed description (2 copies: 1 for your insurance and 1 for you to keep).
b. A picture of the piece of jewelry.
c. A list of questions you should ask your insurance company regarding coverage.

Jewelry Repair
We have 1 goldsmith trained in myriad aspects of jewelry repair and laser welding. Our cutting edge laser welder allows us to repair and restore jewelry that was once considered too delicate or fragile to repair. We can repair almost any item, including eye glasses.  Setting gemstones in their original setting or a new style can be performed on the premises.

Watch Repair
Most watch battery replacements are done in the store. All watch repairs are sent out. Watch estimates start out at $40 depending on the brand of watch. 

If the customer decides to have the estimated work performed on the watch, the $40 estimate fee is deducted from the total. If the customer decides not to have the work done, the $40 is non-refundable, becoming the estimate and shipping fee.

Eye Glass Repair
We repair most types of eyeglasses using our laser welder.

Pearl and Bead Restringing
E.M. Smith Jewelers will custom-string your necklaces or bracelets and will always clean your jewelry before restringing. This can be done in many different styles and we're glad to work with you to create the perfect style for you.

Wish Lists
We offer wish lists for any customer who'd like to register special gifts. Whether you want to make sure friends and family know what you've been hoping for or you'd just like to keep track of your desires personally, we're here to help.

Our in-store engraver will gladly engrave and personalize engraveble items. With our computerized engraving machine, we are able to scan images into our computer and engrave them onto almost anything. For example, we can scan your baby's footprint and engrave it onto items, such as a charm or photo album. We can also take your child's artwork and engrave it onto a keepsake box for mom! Or maybe you want the wedding gift for your bride to be extra special; you can hand write a message, and we can engrave it onto the gift! Our computerized engraving machine will allow us to create special, one of a kind gifts. Stop in or call for details.

Custom Design
Custom Jewelry design and remounts are a specialty here at EM Smith Jewelers and for good reason. At most jewelry stores, when you want and original design or a remount of existing jewelry, you have to wait until the designer has finished making pencil and paper renderings of it before you decide if it's what you really want.

But we're not like most other jewelry stores.

We create jewelry using the latest cutting edge computer technology: a Gemvision Workstation. This computer-based design system allows you to become fully involved in the design of your jewelry and watch it evolve in a matter of minutes on a computer screen.

Gift Wrapping
This additional service is completely free of charge.

Diamond Trade-In Policy
Any item of diamond jewelry purchased from E.M. Smith Jewelers may be traded in for another diamond jewelry item provided the new item is at least twice the price of the original item.  The amount of trade in that may be given will depend upon the condition of the item being traded, the price of the item being purchaesd and the current price levels of the diamond market.