Understanding Your Budget

How much should you spend on your engagement ring?  That's a question that only you can answer based on your finances.  But before you decide, remember, this is a purchase unlike any other you will make in your lifetime (with the possible exception of buying a home). You aren't buying a new phone or a new car, items that will be gone and forgotten in a few years.

-Chances are you will only buy one engagement ring.

-Chances are it will be one of the most cherished possessions you and your spouse will ever own.

-Chances are it will be handed down to your children...and to their children...and to their children.

-Chances are that if you settle for less than you should on this one and are later unhappy with what you bought, you will be unhappy for a very long time.  Remember, a lifetime is a long time to live with a mistake, and that diamond will be around long after you are gone.

Before you buy, consider this; if you could only buy one car in your life, what would you do?  Buy a car that looked ok and was of average quality, but was being sold at an attractive price, or would you spend a little more and buy a car that was of great quality and would serve you well for years to come?  Ask yourself this same question when you buy the diamond engagement ring, then decide how much you should spend.