Why E.M. Smith Jewelers Versus Buying Online?

Let's face for a diamond engagement ring online is convenient.  You can sit at home and browse through a seemingly endless selection of rings.  And the prices all look pretty good too, especially if you've been shopping around at the jewelry stores in the mall.  But before you buy online, there are some important things to consider.

Keep in mind that when you give your fiance that ring, she will tell everyone that she's engaged, and the first thing all of her friends and family will ask is, "Where did he buy it?"  Will she tell them that you sat at home in your pajamas and ordered it online?  Will she lie about where you bought it?  Or will she proudly tell them that you took your time and made the effort to shop at a fine jeweler and pick a ring that you knew she would be thrilled with?

You are going to be spending a significant amount of money on something you probably know little to nothing about.  Ask yourself; "Should I buy this ring from a company I know nothing about and a salesperson I'll never see?  Do they really have my best interest at heart?  What if I have problems or issues with the ring?  Will they really be motivated to help me?"

If you've been looking at retail stores and aren't impressed with the level of service and expertise, you're shopping at the wrong place.  Believe me, there are some great stores out there that can answer your questions, guide you in the right direction and also provide a very competitive price.  Here at E.M. Smith Jewelers, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise.  But even more importantly, we're proud of the reputation we've built for our honesty, integrity and quality in a small town over the past 70 years.  Believe me when I tell you that a business just won't survive in a small town if people don't trust you.

Also, if you've been shopping online for a diamond you've probably noticed that all the diamonds come with a grading certificate that states the color grade, clarity grade, weight and some other vital statistics.  This certificate is the online seller's way of assuring you of the quality of the diamond.  The problem is, these certificates may or may not be accurate.  In fact, many grading labs work for the seller and compromise their accurary to make the online dealers prices look like bargains.  The truth is, the most important thing about the diamond you are about to buy is what it looks like.  Does it really catch the light and sparkle like crazy, even in dim light?  Unfortunately, you won't find the answer to that on a grading certificate.  You MUST see the diamond and compare it to other diamonds for beauty and sparkle.  Two diamonds that have identical grading certificates can look entirely different and vary by hundreds or even thousands of dollars in price.  Ask yourself this question.  "Am I buying a piece of paper or a diamond?"  No one will care what your diamond certificate says, but everyone will see that diamond.  DON'T EVER PAY FOR A DIAMOND WITHOUT SEEING IT FIRST.