Why You Should Buy at E.M. Smith Jewelers vs. Online.

Five Advantages for purchasing your diamond at E.M. Smith Jewelers versus online.

When it comes time to purchase an engagement ring, this question is comonly asked: "Can't I get the same ring online at a cheaper price?"

Although purchasing a diamond online does seem practical if you are worried about finances, it is not always such a realistic expectation.  When purchasing a diamond online, you are essentially paying for exactly what you are going to get - in other terms, you might pay less, however, you are most likely going to get a lesser quality diamond.  Purchasing an engagement ring in our store, definitely has its advantages that many first time diamond buyers seem to forget.  These are the top 5 advantages of why you should consider purchasing your ring in our store versus online.

1.  Getting exactly what you want.  Just like every online shopping experience, you might not get exactly what you thought you would.  For example, when purchasing clothes online you are never sure if that shirt will actually fit.  So what happens next?  You go through the hassle of returning it and then wait around to get something new, which still might not be exactly what you want.  The great aspect of shopping in our store is that you come out 100% pleased with your purchase.

2.  All questions are answered.  If this is the first time you are buying an engagement ring, you are going to have questions.  Luckily, we have all of the answers! :)  By having some of the best diamond consultants we are always here to help.  Given that purchasing an engagement ring is an important decision, we want to make sure that you are well educated in making the right decision.

3.  You can see the diamond you are purchasing.  Every diamond consultant you speak to will tell you the same thing - you must see the diamond in person to make a decision.  Also, you esentially can "build" your perfect engagement ring.  We have loose diamonds so you can pick the size and shape that is right for you.  This also lets you personally inspect the diamond, which we recommend that you do.

4.  Feel comfortable.  When shopping for an engagement ring in our store, you gain a sense of confortableness, rather than the overshadowing doubt of buying online.  One is able to gain a sense of relief knowing that you can trust and have help hand picking the finest diamond that meets your expectations no matter your budget.

5.  Make an important decision feel right.  Let's face it, this is probably one of the most important decisions in your life and purchasing a ring online usuallly isn't the way to go.  With how technology is developing, you can pretty much buy anything online, deminishing the experience of hand selecting an engagement ring. At the end of the day, she will cherish that you took the time and effort to go through the engagement ring shopping experience to find her the perfect ring.

Therefore, don't automatically assume that online shopping is just the cheaper route to go.  Here, at EM Smith Jewelers, we are always willing to help clients stay within their targeted budget, while making sure they walk out with a ring they absolutely love.